Enamel pins are priced differently according to grades.
Typically A-grade pins are near perfect, B-grade pins have noticeable but relatively small flaws, and C-grade pins have the most obvious flaws compared to A-grade and B-grade. The standard for grading varies between different sellers and shops. The grading scale below provides a more detailed grading scale for the kinds of flaws to expect for pins of A, B and C-grade from duluduludesign.

A-grade: Near perfect pins 

➼ slightly bent or slanted back needle
➼ tiny, not noticeable air bubbles or misprint in screen-printing
➼ minor enamel under fill
➼ light surface scuffing or light scratches on the enamel or metal
➼ some small areas of plating imperfections on sides or back of the pin

B-grade: Minor flaws but not noticeable

➼ noticeable stains, scratches, black dots, mini holes or dust
➼ moderately scuffed enamel or metal
➼ multiple points of imperfections on the metal plating
➼ noticeable off-set screen-printing

C-grade: Obvious flaws

➼ Significant underfill, overfill or wrong color fill
➼ rusted metal
➼ stains or scratches that affect the main point of the design (ex. large stains on face)


Please note that pin colors can vary depending on screen. Each batch of pins can also turn out to vary slightly in colors due to the nature enamel pins are handmade. The pin photos presented in shop are only examples but may not represent the final product you will receive 100% in terms of colors.