Hi there,

    I am Lilian, the artist behind @duluduludesign and Koko & Ro! I am currently a university student studying Computer Science & Finance in Canada. I am a huge lover of everything pastel, and I enjoy reading shoujo manga!

    I started duluduludesign in June 2019 to design enamel pins for my favourite shoujo anime characters. Since 2021, I have been trying to pursue my childhood dream as a fashion designer! My goal is to one day dress in outfits I designed :D

    About us image
    About us image

    Meet Koko & Ro

    They are my brand mascots! Koko is a white bunny with heart cheeks, and Ro is a yellow bunny with line cheeks :D Both Koko and Ro have hearts on their ears, and they love to stick out their tongues.

    You can find more art about them on @koko_and_ro on IG and Twitter. We also have some merch available in shop :3

    Q & A - Get to know more about me

    Q: Do you sell at conventions?

    YES. I would sell at local conventions near Toronto, Canada. Recently I have attended Comicon Toronto 2022. My upcoming cons are Anime North and Fan Expo 2022!

    Q: What are your favourite shoujo animes?

    My favourite shoujo animes are Kaichou wa Maid Sama, Ouran High School Host Club and Cardcaptor Sakura. You might have noticed that I have more products for these animes than others in my shop because I have just loved them so much since elementary school.

    Q: What made you decide to start duluduludesign?

    It first started when I visited Artist Alley at the anime convention, and I saw some really pretty enamel pins. I have always enjoyed art and wanted to run my own small business, so I thought to myself, "why can't I make my own pins?" And the hot-headed me started designing my first pins just 2 days after visiting the con :D 

    Q: What are your hobbies?

    Apart from drawing and design, I love rollerskating, skateboarding, hip-hop dancing, and listening to music, espeically anime & Kdrama OSTs and Kpop songs. My favourite Kpop artists are Twice, BTS, BTOB, Seventeen and Akdong Musicians.

    I am also a hoarder, I collect a ton of cute things like postcards, plushies, enamel pins, figurines, mangas and artbook.

    Q: Is duluduludesign a full-time job?

    Nope, but I do hope to make it a full-time job one day if it becomes successful! I am currently a university student and I also have internship every 4 months, so it is impossible to make duluduludesign full-time at the moment. I run the business entirely by myself so it does get a bit hectic sometimes, especially during exam weeks or job-hunting season. However, I try to dedicate as much free time as possible for duluduludesign because I enjoy every second working on things I love.